Contactless Solution

Contactless for the New Essential Operation Model and More

COVID-19 fee enablement, protecting you and your customers during social distancing and transition for reopening. We implement practical features at every step of your operation to help minimize physical contacts with a high efficiency that brings seamless customer experiences. 

QR Code Ordering and Payment

Table-side with online order integration

  • Auto generated code for each table
  • Scan to order, request service, and pay

QR code payment on demand

  • Replace traditional credit card terminals
  • Auto generated code for each printed receipt when customers require to split bills
  • Support all payments & digital wallets

New on-site experience and more gains

  • Let your dine-in customers scan to order and pay while driving more people to your website.
  • Less on-site employees = less cost & human mistakes

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Kiosk Self Ordering

Simple interface

  • Browse to order and route the order directly to the kitchen

Easy Check-Out

  • Tip enablement with default & adjustment
  • Digital receipt enablement

Stand for Your Customers

  • Seamless communication between customers and kitchens
  • Let customers control the order process at their pace
  • Reduce in-store labor and human contact

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Nothing Contact Less than Online Ordering

Order, pay, and get alert

  • Let your customers order and pay at one place and get a text alert when the order is ready

Resolve labor shortage

  • Let your customers serve themselves

Grow your margins

  • Setup your online order for free to cut the third-party fees
  • Delivery management helps you delivery more orders while reducing labor cost

Better serve your customers

  • Let your customer pay less than the third parties
  • Serve your customers based on their order history and personal preferences

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Digital Receipts to Engagement

Integrate to loyalty program

  • Display your customers’ points that prompt for re-purchase

Link to your website

  • Website link and store contact info attached with digital receipts
  • Another channel to direct your customers to your site: increase the site traffic and promote next purchase
  • Grow consumer database and retain them within your reach

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Remote Control Access

Work from home

  • Take the phone call orders at once through an automated telephone ordering system
  • Manage your entire restaurant whenever, wherever
  • Multi-location management with comparative analysis

One access to all platforms

  • Real-time online reports, controlling employee performance, finance, and inventory
  • Access through browsers and apps with real-time updates

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