Fine Dining

Hibachi / Sushi / Chinese / Seafood / Steak

Local server + 24/7 support = Non-stop operation

Supports offline mode during internet outage

    • Process credit card payments
    • Online orders send to you via text
    • Local server will never run out of space

Your data is yours

    • Automatic data sync and restore
    • Easy data transferring and exportation

On demand support

    • 24/7 live support
    • Help center with manuals and how to videos
    • Call us anytime when you experience technical difficulties

Experience elevation with iPad and A920

  • Send orders right when customers finish ordering to the right kitchen prep station 
  • Manage and change orders on the spot when customer request
  • Check out when customers ask for check to reduce wait time
  • Reduce food serving time and customer wait time while increasing table turn rate
  • Save your employees from running back and force

Stress – free ticket management

Tip share for dine-in 

  • Daily & monthly pay by employee’s role and working area 
  • Never have to spend more than 2mins for payroll collaterals 

Payment split & combine built for your customers

  • Split by item, seat, partial pay, and any payment combination as your customers desired
  • Drag and drop items to split and combine any tickets
  • Digital receipt + order link = high repurchase rate

Ticket search

  • Search ticket by customer name, table number, credit card, time, server, or address 

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