Quick Service

Speed up your quick service without sacrificing quality.

Your restaurant/s business depends on the customer and order flow. We customized the POS to make your wait line move faster while ensuring order accuracy. The system fulfills your online and on-site operation by aggregating orders seamlessly from online, kiosks, and the counter.

More order channels with
less employees

Online & QR code order without manual entry
–KwickPOS online order grabs orders to the system and send straight to your kitchen 
–QR code ordering allow your customers scan to order online at their table and pace without waiting for your wait stuff

Kiosk: The Digital Employee
–Let customers serve themselves  so you focus on their orders

Customer Display for Better Communication
–Let customers know the exact order info to quickly order and check out 
–Allow customers to tip and sign on the screen
–Opt in customers to gift card and loyalty program 

Customized Functionality for Quick Order
–Customize order interface to your way 
–Hold orders for hesitant customers while turning other orders

Wing Restaurants 

  • Support complicated order requests while ensure order accuracy
  • Customized interface reduces order entry time
  • Built in chicken wing and combo modification for texture, flavor, dressing, seasonings and more

Customized Pizza Orders in No Time 

  • Easy half & half pizza modifications and order process 
  • Undo feature recovers accidentally deleted orders

Boost your profits with better management and higher efficiency!

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