Mobile POS

Fulfills Orders Fast and Reliably

What we offer is not only a set of mobile order taking system… but a solution to help your restaurant run smart! Compatible with all kinds of mobile devices, KwicKPOS connects departments of your restaurants’ together. Each order can be directly sent to the kitchen from tables, and the seamless tableside payment processing will bring you more flexibility, less chargeback, and higher table turns!

Order Faster and Serve More Customers

Compatible with all mobile devices 

  • Work perfectly on any tablet devices, including iPad, Android, and Windows.

Tableside ordering and payment

  • Customer self-service enablement
  • Minimize human error and labor costs while improving ordering efficiency
  • Route orders directly to the corresponding kitchen stations right where you are
  • Let customers keep sight of credit cards at all times
  • No need to walk back and forth from tableside to POS terminal and reduce customers’ waiting time


QR Code Solution

  •  Let your dine-in and pick up customers scan to order, request service, and pay by using their cellphone right at where they are
  • One-scan-review allows your customer to easily promoting your restaurant on different review sites to boost reputation, affiliation while bringing in more sales
  • Reduce labor cost, elevate your in-store experience, and collect more customer information at every scan

Learn about QR code



  • Place and manage orders
  • Manage system
  • Handheld ordering system for servers
  • Tabletop self-service ordering system for customers
  • Second display for customers to check orders, account info, and sign
  • Kitchen display for chefs

Perfect for online order

  • Orders print straight to kitchen printers based on different stations
  • Digital menu with visual elements to increase clarification and boost customers’ desire to order
  • One tablet to manage all online orders
  • Save terminal cost


Touch screen payment terminal + mini mobile POS

  • High resolution screen to display table layout, completing ordering and payment in one setting
  • Easy to carry
  • High capacity battery for continuous operations throughout the day.

Payments on the go

  • Traditional payment method
  • Scan QR code payment
  • NFC contactless payment
  • Print receipts faster than traditional terminals

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Boost your profits with better management and higher efficiency!

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