QR Code Solution

Scan to Advance Your In-Store Experience

In support of our clients and the catering industry to strive during COVID-19, KwickPOS created a QR code solution as one of our Contactless Solutions to keep your dine-in customers and increase profit margin.

Cut Down Cost

Eliminate the printed menu and reduce in-store labor

Advance Experience

Contactless with the maximized convenience for you and your customers

Collect Data

Convert every scan from your customers to your database for marketing use

Scan to Effectiveness


  • Reduce labor intensity and cost
  • Eliminating physical menus and its cost
  • Minimized human contact
  • Less stuff with higher performance
  • High table turn rates
  • Elevating customer experience
  • Collect customer information at each scan

Watch how QR Code Solution works in real settings

QR Code Order & Pay on Customers’ Phones

Order > Pay > Review Customer QR code experience flow in your store

Comply tableside & curbside requests

  • Auto-generated code for each table
  • A single code for all pick up orders and payments
  • Scan to order, request service, and pay
  • Auto-generated code for each printed receipt when customers require to split billl

Pay with flexibility

  • Replace traditional credit card terminals
  • Support all payments & digital wallets (WeChat, ApplePay, and GooglePay, etc.)

Scan to Review After Check Out 

Quick review generation

  • Review options for all printed receipts
  • Pop up your restaurant’s Google Map, facebook, and Yelp links for your customers to share their experience
  • Eliminate unnecessary steps for customers to search for your restaurant on each platform one by one

Reputation control

  • You control which reviews to go public
  • Receive text notification after each review
  • Record customer feedback for a deeper understanding
  • Communicate with customers effectively according to their real feelings

Be the celebrity 

  • Increase exposure, affiliation, and sales
  • Stand out from competitors and be famous

Read the blog to quickly grow your reviews 

Valuable Data to Marketing Messages

Gain customer information

  • Every time when customer scan, you get their contact info and preference

Know your customers

  • Improve service or food quality and make better decisions

Build relationships

  • Connect customers through targeted messages

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