Buffet Restaurants’ Most Used features

Capacity Control
Seat countdown feature let host and server aware of the number of customer.

Anti-ticket Loss
Host wrote down headcount on Guest Check Book > Server must input the check book number and headcount.

Headcount Report
One glance to view your customers by type & complement guest check book’s record.

Barcode Search
Auto generated barcode on each receipt for cashiers to quickly find the table and speed up the check out time.

Customers come for a feast.
Only efficient management can ensure a high demand for food and quality service.

Owners and Managers’
in-store & remote control

Server Permission control
– Server needs permission to transfer item & table and change server

Flexible Menu Schedule
– Enable and disable lunch and dinner menu at a restricted time
– Promotions auto apply to a scheduled time

Restaurant-wide Notification
– System pop up notification ensures messages pass down to each staff

Table Time Control = High Table Turn Rate
– Timer displays on each table with different color indicating dine in time
– Text alerts send to manager or owner when the dine in time is over 

QR Code Ordering & Payment

  • Enable code on each table so customers can place order, request service, and pay 
  • Control order flow and food wastage 
  • Reduce on site labor and its intensity while increasing profit

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