Bar & KTV

The Bar POS Runs Upbeat

Essentials for Entertainment   

Open tab, menu set up, and mobile pos are the essential to keep up with entertainment with the least requests from your customers

Your employees and customers should enjoy the music not struggling with placing orders and closing tabs.

Behind the Scenes 

Open tab, Swipe & Pay
–Card validation enablement ensures every tab can be charged
–Allow customers to pre-authorize the desired amount
–Run tabs for multiple parties at a table

Customized Menu
–Easy menu set up and item modification to reduce ordering time
–Automatic happy hour price application for all menu items

Into the Show 

Mobile POS
–Order, pay, and sign with A920, iPad, and any mobile devices
–Let your customers order wherever they are

Private room schedule
–Timer display in different colors indicating time spent
–Pause or resume timer, charge the room to minutes


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