Self-Ordering Kiosk

Your All-in-One digital employee.

Our self-service kiosks enable guests to browse, order, and send their orders directly to the kitchen. With the kiosk, your staff can focus on elevating the guest experience rather than internal communication.

Faster, Smarter Service.

KwickPOS kiosks put guests in control of their dining experience and allow staff to handle other duties.

Create a quick-and-easy error-free ordering experience

Reduce wait times

Customers pay a small fee to skip the line and order directly from a kiosk.

Direct to

Streamline communication between customers and the kitchen.

Order Customization

Customers can customize their order with available modifiers & add-ons.

Order at their own pace

Guests can take control of their ordering process and go at their own pace.

Reduce order mistakes

Customers can see each item and take their time when ordering.

Kiosks empower you to do more.

KwickPOS kiosks put guests in control of their dining experience and allow staff to handle other duties.

Reduce Labor Costs & Increase Revenue

  • Save up to $10,000 in labor cost and generate up to $70,000 in revenue
  • The ability to see the items encourages customers to order more.
  • With guests ordering on their own, your staff is free to handle other tasks.

Simple Interface


  • Simple order and pay process that every guest can use.
  • Order sends directly to the kitchen.
  • Fully integrated with our KwickPOS operating system; orders from a self-order kiosk join the line.

Painless Check-Out


  • Kiosks accept QR pay, Apple Pay, and other contactless payment options; guests can enjoy a contactless order and pay experience.
  • Gratuity adjustments are available to the guest.
  • Digital receipts.

Most importantly, get to know your customers!

  • Drive loyalty sign-ups and encourage program sign ups
  • Collect valuable customer information that you learn from and can use for future marketing campaigns.
  • Customer preferences and feedback are stored directly in the system.

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