Online Ordering

No Manual Entry No Hassle

Open your online restaurant for FREE and no need to purchase POS system! We know your pain and frustrations with other online order platforms that’s why we build ours to eliminate your pain points so you can absolutely manage it by yourself and don’t have to key in any orders!

Quick Start

Auto generated online menu and easy integration to your current site with flexible pricing plans.

Quick Access

Give you and your customers access whenever, wherever!

Quick Growth

Grow your customer base with automated guest information generated to your CRM.

Pain Points to Solutions

Incorporate Online Order to Your Current System

Accelerating your online order process

  • All orders from KwickMENU can print straight to the kitchen
  • Built-in order management groups or split orders by item and print to different working station
  • Increase kitchen efficiency while decreasing labor intensity

No delay payment

  • Your customers can pay through KwickMENU which the sales go straight to your account

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Digital Order Suit

KwickMENU Online Order Site

Company website with order enablement

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Catches all online orders even when your physical stores are disconnected from the internet

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QR Code

Let your dine-in customers scan to order and pay while driving more people to your website. Less on-site employees = less cost & human mistakes

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Why Choose KwickPOS

  • Online Order 38% 38%
  • Offline Order 62% 62%

All data is generated internally from KwickPOS

Online order system helps decrease cost while increasing efficiency


Save Labor


Save Time

Your Online Order Build On-Demand

  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Custom setup and menu design
  • Easy website customization from the POS system
  • QR code in-store integration
  • Access and control the system through any browsers and devices

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Seamless Operation Management


  • Orders send to kitchen without double entry
  • Switch off online ordering at peak dining time
  • Free your staff and phone lines
  • Update your menus and settings by location
  • Automated online order notification
  • Customizable coupon designed for online redemption
  • Available to integrate with Marketing Tool

Quick Delivery for Your Online Orders

  • Real time map integration with route suggestions
  • Deliver food while it tastes the best
  • Allow customers to schedule orders at preferred times
  • Minimize delivery time while increasing customer satisfaction
  • Minimize driver cost while increase efficiency

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How It Works

Order Process

A customer places an order through KwickMenu > KwickPOS system gets the order and alerts you > You can check the order before sending it to kitchen > Kitchen prints out order > Text alerts the customer when order is ready

Order Notification

If you don’t response to online orders within 1min > printer automatically prints out the orders

Online Order Never Fail

Orders can’t be received due to internet disconnection > system resends the orders 3 times every minute > without response > automated text alerts sent to your phone > without response in 2 minutes > automated call alerts to your phone

Boost your profits with better management and higher efficiency!

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