Why Become Partners
with KwickPOS?

Mutually Beneficial Long-Term Partnership

IT experience
30+ yrs
IT experience
IT experience
IT experience
Daily Average Sales
IT experience
States Served

Affiliated All Over the States

Generate Additional Income

Generate Additional Income

Our commission structure allows you to build an additional recurring income with your existing payment service. You can increase your wallet share with each customer by up to 50%.

Web-based system operation

Close More Business in Less Time

Web-based system operation without hardware limitations. Cloud technology allows you to remotely manage and serve your customers in one place. Our professional team constantly develops and customizes features to meet your customers’ needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

We provide full technical support and training to your customers, which frees your team to sell more and spend less time setting up new customer accounts or answering questions.
Leverage Our Resources

Leverage Our Resources

You can use your existing payment service or use ours. We provide flexible solutions that fit your needs, so you can focus on sales that meet your customer’s goals.

Apply to be KwickPOS Partner

Industries Segements  Covered

  • Beauty & Spa
  • Personal Electronics
  • Chain Restaurants
  • Dine In
  • Quick Service
  • Buffet
  • Café & Bakery
  • Bar/KTV

What's in it for the agent or reseller?

1.  Promote your service to our client base

2.  Referral + commission fee 

3.  Customized partnership

4.  Support Cash Discount

5.  Robust Monetary Products

What merchants will love?

1.  All in one solution

2. Easy to use, limited or no training required to use

3.  Easy self control, customization

4.  Cloud-based + local server = non-stop operation

5.  Remote Access

6.  Webbase and no hardware limitation

7.  Features can be developed/customized as your clients desire

8.  Multilanguage

9. 24/7 U.S. Based Support

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