The Texas-based software company impressed attendees with its display of a premium all-in-one POS solution, dressed in amazing utilities that include online ordering, requesting directly to the kitchen, SMS notification to customers after the meal is ready, driver delivery, and food quality review

KwickPOS is delighted to announce that it had an exciting time at The International Restaurant and Foodservice Show of New York where it treated attendees to an amazing display of its all-in-one POS solution system.

The event which was held from March 6th to 8th at the Javits Center is the first trade show after vaccination mandate requirements ended. And was attended by hundreds of suppliers and service providers from the restaurant and foodservice industries.

Described as the next generation of POS systems, the Texas-based company left the crowd in awe as it showcased the amazing features and utilities of its all-in-one restaurant POS system which includes online ordering, requesting directly to the kitchen, SMS notification to customers after the meal is ready, driver delivery and food quality review.

The incredible KwickPOS system is capable of integrating third-party orders from online food ordering platforms and sending them directly to the kitchen without manual entry. Restaurants that incorporate the system will be able to seamlessly conduct market research from customers and also process payment online.

In addition, the innovative KwickPOS system possesses a remote-control function that allows owners to achieve powerful goals such as managing employees from all branches at home, supervising individual storefronts in real-time, and managing markets and customers.

“One thing that separates us from others is that we do not require restaurants to have special hardware, nor does our system even require the need for Wi-Fi as long as their computers have web browsers. Whether it is a mobile phone, a laptop, or a computer, you can order food anytime and anywhere, in a cost-saving, convenient manner with the highest levels of data security.”

Ming Ye, a first-generation immigrant from Zhejiang, and co-founder of KwickPOS revealed that the company was birthed after she and her husband agreed to help a friend develop a convenient and effective restaurant ordering system. Leveraging their almost 30 years of experience as software engineers in Silicon Valley Ming Ye and her husband, Tom Jin, were able to develop the innovative product that has earned them recognition as one of the top ten POS companies in the United States.

In addition to being software engineers, the couple revealed that they are also restaurant owners with major stakes in more than 20 restaurants so far. Ming Ye insists that their unique ability to look at the POS problem from both perspectives has allowed them to truly innovate their solutions to accommodate all the needs of customers, as well as the restaurant owners.

“We are doing this now mainly to help people in the restaurant industry with our IT background. We know what the restaurant owners and customers want. And this allows us to provide an all-rounded solution that all parties can rely on. Our products are not just POS machines, but offer both online and offline integration.”

Currently, KwickPOS has grown into an enterprise with 2,000+ clients in 45 states in the United States.

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