Franchise POS

Know your business, anytime, anywhere!

Don’t let the multi-location management get in your way to success! With KwickPOS, all the business data can be accessed on any of your devices, no matter how many stores you own, or how complicated the structure is.

– Multiple Menus & Price Modifiers

Having troubles with updating menus at different locations? no worries! Aa a cloud-based management system, KwickPOS can synchronize any updates to all the menus in by one click.

– Real Time Business Report

We keep all of your business reports in the system, and you may access them at anytime, anywhere, on any device. The visualized information reflects the real time business activities for you, including revenue, cost, storage… etc. and there is surely notification for sensitive operation. Even when you travel abroad, everything is still under control!

– Integrated Employee Management

Make KwickPOS be just like your back office! Managing staff roles, time and attendance, shifting and scheduling, allocate employees between different locations, or even customize tips for every staff… all of these purposes can be easily served by KwickPOS employee management function.

Boost your profits with better management and higher efficiency!

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